Laying on my bed with my laptop, thinking how I left my precious blog cold outside for the last months. I haven't been writing these days on TECHNORIGIN but was very busy completing the first part of my first ebook- The Light Of The Universe, which is now on sale on internet. And I was working for the second part- The Queen Of The Jungle lately. It will be finished and published on internet soon and then the third part will be on progress - The Painter Of The Mind.

I started this blog in 2011 and since then I searched and write about all sort of things as you can see from the menu. But I just realized and felt sad when I saw my last post was a couple of months ago so here is my new year resolution for 2017; at least 5 posts for each month. Let's see who will win this year; 2017 or me?

While writing these, I still have no idea what will this post be about? I am still waiting for a signal to start writing; a little bit of inspiration is always welcomed. And here it comes.... In these cold winter days what I miss mostly is swimming, diving under the water with the deep silence and feel comfortable and relaxed. So now I would like to write about amazing spots for scuba dive lovers in Caribbean Sea.

Jason deCaires Taylor; is a British sculptor and the creator of the world's first underwater park in 2006; the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park and a underwater museum in the Caribbean Sea off the west cost of Grenada. His second project was to create another underwater park with the largest collection of contemporary sculptures, which he achieved in 2010 with many other artists by the opening of underwater museum of art MUSA, Museo Subaquatico de Arte in Caribbean Sea off the Eastern State of Cancun, Mexico. Taylor is currently working on his new underwater museum project for Atlantic Ocean.

Here are some of these talented sculptors works in these amazing world of the blue...
Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park
Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

Sculpture of UNDERSTANDING in MUSA by artist Eliar Amado Gil
Sculpture of NO TITLE in MUSA by artist Elier Amado Gil
Sculpture of BLESSING in MUSA by artist Elier Amado Gil

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