Honestly, I am in diffucult times. I lost my job and I am unemployed for quite some time. My love life is terrible and after some very bad experiences, I had to rethink about the people around me. The people really aren't what they look like sometimes. You love them, you value them, you want the best for them but then one day something happens and you start to judge yourself for being so sad about what happened while the others even don't care. I feel the change in me. I am changing with seeing the people's real faces. Your most beloved ones can leave you alone in your most difficult times and you loose your trust, you change.

It is not only me where nothing goes well. My country is not going well; neither economically nor politically. We have bombings almost every month, we have soldiers dying almost every day. Unemployment rate rising everyday, most of the population trying to live under poverty threshold. Very difficult times for Turkey as I had written in some of my previous posts;

But I do still hope for a brighter future. Without hope, life doesn't mean anything. I wake up everyday, open my window, look up to the blue sky and pray for that day for some miracles. Someday, I believe someday these dark clouds over my head will leave me.

In this post I want to thank Eckhart Tolle for being with me while I am travelling through this dark tunnel alone. Listening to him, reading his words helps me a lot not to give up my hope. 

Born in 1948, experienced the depression till the age of 29 and then with his 'inner transformation' now he is one of the most spiritual authors in the world.

The strongest is the ones who are really using the power of now. We are living our lives without knowing what will happen in the next minutes, next days, next months, next years... We only know that we are alive now; happy or not; we are still alive and continue to take these miraculous breaths.

Here are some of his words. They give me hope, strength to carry on; they keep me awake on this very moment.
''Whatever the present moment contains, embrace it and act as if you had chosen it yourself.''
'' Life will give you the whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution  of your consciousness.''
''The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.''
''You can only lose something you have,but you can not lose something that you are. ''
''The secret of life is 'to die before you die' - and find that there is no death.''
'' Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for comething new to emerge.''

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