Hell of Another Planet

I went to my dad's cousins's exhibition a couple of months ago. It was the first time I met her. We have never been too close with my dad's family since they are/were all living far away from us, but I felt myself close to her at the first sight. She is an artist making unique works with glass. Her personel exhibition called 'The Soul of the Glass' is open to visit in İstanbul right now. Here is her instagram account if you'd like to check her work; @studiovolcano and here are my favourite ones...

I was impressed with her way of expressing the cruelty of this world. We are all different people living in different countries but the reality is the same; THEY are killing us and we are in desperate straits.

I haven't been writing lately. I can't say I don't have the time, but maybe the desire... More than 200 people died in five major bombing attacks since July of last year. İstanbul; the most populous city and Ankara, the capital were hit more than once. Nevertheless to say, many soldiers are dying everyday in the south part... My country is on war and we have nothing to do but continue our daily lives...

Everyday we wake up with horrible news and it is such an awful feeling not to feel safe in your own country. The saddest thing is, it is just not happening here but everywhere. Paris attack, Brussel attack and just a few days ago another suicide bombing hit one of the largest parks in Lahore, Pakistan...

I remember Mel Gibson's screaming 'freedom' in the final scene of 'Braveheart'; one of my gretaest war movies . The world has always been on war;  people always found SOMETHING to fight with each other  but I wish, at least, we could have been kept fighting on moral grounds... Targetting civilians, even worse children, is something I can not understand.

Why? Maybe this world is really the hell of another planet. 

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