Another destionation of my dreams is definitely Africa. Once I have been to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt but I really dream of a safari holiday and hopefully one day I will live my dream. Today I want you to take to an amazing place in Africa; CONGO BASIN in west equatorial Africa. It is the sedimentary basin of the Congo River. The basin is a total of 3.7 million square kilometres and is home to some of the largest undisturbed stands of tropical rainforest on the planet, in addition to large wetlands. These forests act as the planet's second lung, counterpart to the rapidly dwindling Amazon.

Although these forests are crucial to the future of climate stability, unfortunately it is estimated that 3/4 of the forests will be destroyed by 2040. Greenpeace continues its protests to protect these lands and is calling on the World Bank to ''think outside the box'' and use the forest's potential in the battle against climate change.

As I always say, we -the people- are killing the Mother Earth ourselves. I hope in the future, the next generations will also have that chance to see such amazing lands.

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