This post will be about the JUNO but not the movie,;the Queen of Gods in Roman Mythology. According to the mythology; she was the daughter of Saturn (first God) and the sister and also the wife of Jupiter (also known as JOVE, the king of the Gods and tha God of the sky). Juno is the mother of Mars (God of  war and the guardian of agriculture) and Vulcan (God of fire).

Juno's equivalent in Greek mythology is Hera (Zeus's wife and sister). With Jupiter and Minerva (Roman Goddess of wisdom and arts), Juno was worshipped by the Romans in an elaborate temple on Rome's Capitoline Hill called the Capitolium.

Juno is one of the most complex and disputed deity in Roman mythology. Even more than other major Roman deities, Juno held a large number of significant and diverse epithets, names and titles representing various aspects and roles of Goddess but she is mainly worshipped  as the Goddess of the marriage, of married women, of brides, of virginity...

Juno has been a subject to various art forms;

JUNO IN THE HOUSE OF DREAMS, Painting by Luis Lopez Piquer
Statue of JUNO in Vatican Museum
JUNO is also a character in the Game Series "Assassin's Creed"

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