Today I want to write about a lady's real life story that I came acrooss on Facebook; an unbelieveable, touching, influential, impressing story...The story of MARIE BALTER; which was also adapted into a television movie in 1986 with the name "Nobody's Child" that was nominated for Grammy Awards.

Marie Rose Balter was born from an alcoholic mother out of marriage. When her mother couldn't take care of her, she left 5 years old Marie to an orphanage. She was so unlucky to be adopted by sadist parents who kept her locked in the basement of their home and tortured her from time to time. The couple looked prestigious and normal from outside so they could keep that as a secret for a long time.

When Marie was 17 years old, she was struck with paralysis because of the depression she was suffering from. As she also had some hallucinations, the doctors decided that she was a schizophreniac and hospitalized her in a mental institution where she spent unhappy, unhopeful 17 years of her life. She tried committing suicide for many times but wasn't successful. Finally at the age of 34, her doctors reanalyzed her situation and decided that she was not a schizophreniac, she was just in a major depression and having some panic attacks so with the help of the doctors and hospital staff who are loving her, they let her out of the hospital. She was finally free after a suffering timeline and now everything was in her hands; to continue living like that or change everything in her life to start all over again as a new person.

She chosed her way and although she was said to have mental illnesses that would prevent her from studying, she started studying and graduated from Psychology in Salem State University By the time, she was diagnosed with Cancer but with the hope and the strenght she had, she overcomed the illness. Later she got married with Joe, who also had a mental treatment before, but her husband died in the following six years and after losing him, she gave herself to her job. She worked as a doctor and studied with many people with mental illnesses for many years. And also she had her master degree from Harvard University. 

When she was fifty-eight years old, she was assigned as a manager to the mental hospital of
Masachuttes Danver State Hospital where she spent 17 years of her life. In the press meeting she said that; "If I hadn't learned how to forgive, I could never improve myself and now I couldn't be here speaking as a  manager of this hospital."

To a news agency that was making her life as a victorious story, she told them these words...
" The longest journey of a human is the one we are making from our brain to our heart. Forgiving is the short-cut of this journey. Every wound we have that needs to be forgiven is an important lesson for us. We may be have to reopen the old wounds to learn these lessons."

The story of Marie Rose Walter has just impressed me. She had awful times that most of us can never even imagine but she managed to overcome all the obstacles and started a new life from the very beginning and managed to achieve success. She has a very influential life story. For more, you can watch the movie or read her biography written by herself. What a strong woman? Everything is actually in our hands, nothing is impossible. We just need to be courageous and strong to achieve our goals. Thank you Marie Rose Balter, for inspiring many other people around the world with your story. You are a hero...

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