Anna Hutsol
FEMEN; is a radical feminist protest group founded in Ukraine in 2008, Anna  Hutsol was credited as having founded the Femen movement after she became aware of the stories of Ukranian women duped into going abroad and then taken advantage of sexually. The group is now based in Paris. The organization became globally known for its topless, even sometimes naked protests against sex tourism, religious institutions, sexism, homophobia and othe social, national , international topics.

The organization describes itself as a fighting patriarchy in its three manifestations- sexual exploitation of women , dictatorship and religion. They also stated that their goal is sextremism serving to protect women's right. The protests regularly end by the arrestment of the members by the police.

Anna Hutsol claimed that the movement has 150 thousand supporters. Facebook initially blocked the FEMEN page because it suspected to be pornographic. But still has 20 thousand members through a social network based on vkontakte. Some FEMEN members have even been subjected to kidnapping, beating and other intimidation.

Several crime cases have been opened against the organization in Ukraine on charges of hooliganism and desecration of state symbols among others, and the group has been fined.

I am not a feminist or the member of the group. I follow their news from television or internet but I may say I am a supporter as the answer given by FEMEN was very satisfying. The question was of course why they were choosing a topless method to protest. And the answer was brief and understandable as a woman '' This is the only way to be heard in this country. If we staged simple protests with banners, then our claims would not have been noticed.''

The organization plans to become the biggest and the most influential movement in Europe.

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